About OnSite Auto

OnSite Auto is a highly skilled and experienced mechanic dedicated to providing top-quality services in the Charleston, SC, area. I am honest, fair, highly responsive, determined to find solutions to problems, dependable, and easygoing (easy to talk to). I have worked in many settings and worked with customers to give them options so I can determine which services they need. OnSite Auto can meet any price point and has worked on all sides of the business, which comes with expansive knowledge of customer service and repairs.

OnSite Auto is an ASE-certified mechanic that aims to provide roadside assistance and mobile car repairs to the Low Country at fair prices. I have worked for a large company with a huge fleet of large trucks, keeping them running, in a shop on every type of vehicle on the road, and as a salesman dealing with customers and in the parts allocation side of things. Also, I have run a small business helping customers from all facets of life. OnSite Auto is open 24 hours to ensure I meet your needs at any time of the day. Contact OnSite Auto today to learn more!